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BMS Final Cover

Body, Mind & Spirit: The Awakening

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When I first sat down at the computer on April 1, 2011 to write Body, Mind & Spirit: The Awakening, I had no idea where the task would lead, but knew that if I remained obedient and followed it to the end we would both be truly blessed. Tears streamed down my face and landed onto the manuscript as I sat thanking God for the opportunity to present ideas in a way that would incite your body, mind & spirit to respond like never before. For some, those tears have watered a spiritual seed that is growing inside of them right now. Their obedience is now required to fertilize those fragile seeds of change so they may grow and break any shackles that have kept them in bondage. Indecisiveness…gone! Procrastination…gone! Low self-esteem…gone! Failure…gone! Their season for walking in powerless truth is gone! Armed with the revelations they have overflowing within, it’s time to continue on a path of knowledge, self-discovery and wisdom. Their lights now shine brightly so others who are lost will also find a way back to their truths within.

Each of us has a unique story that has been steeping in our soul for far too long. When we get an opportunity to pour that story into another’s vessel, we should find solace in that single act of kindness. Therefore, when you get a chance to share your story with others, please don’t hesitate. You could be the answer to someone else’s problem. For each of our stories is a simple pebble tossed into the ocean of humanity, and we can only dream that a tsunami of change will emerge in the lives of our unknown brethren on a distant shore. It is my sincere prayer Body, Mind & Spirit: The Awakening, be the pebble that creates a ripple of change in your sea of infinite possibilities.



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