Virtual Consignment Partner Portal

Join Our Virtual Consigner Portal

Come through and sell your wears with us!! We are proud to announce our online Virtual Consignor Portal that allows our loyal followers to curate the flyest vintage and upscale resale items from around the globe!  Complete the form below to sign up and start selling your items with us.  No cost to sign up, 50/50 split on consignments.  It’s a Win/Win!!

Welcome!  We are pleased that you have chosen to partner with Bespoke Not Broke.  Here is how it works:

  • Please factor in shipping and handling into the final cost of each item. Customers are not charged separately for S&H. International sales and shipping are not available at this time
  • You will receive 50% of the final selling price
  • Payments are made via checks, PayPal, and CashApp at the end of each month
  • Must have proof of authenticity if a customer disputes authenticity. Failure to provide proof of authenticity will result in a total refund to the customer and reversal of related funds paid to Consignor
  • Please display items in the best possible lighting and conditions ( mannequins strongly recommended). Pictures of the front, back, interior, and label (if applicable) are required
  • Please do not post clothing items newer than the 80s. Vintage pieces from the 70s (and earlier) are desired.
  • No vintage athletic wear should be posted.
  • Items MUST be shipped within three days of order, and tracking #s MUST be sent to the customer (cc: when the order is shipped.
  • We reserve the right to remove posted items for any reason

Consignor represents and states that he/she is the owner of all goods placed for consignment and that the goods are saleable and/or free and clear of liens or any other claims.

We look forward to a long and mutually profitable partnership with you.  After all, we couldn’t do it without YOU, our partner in consigning!

Sell your wears with us! Look into our Virtual Consigners program and list your items from the comfort of your home!