How to Wear Flower Lapel Pins

How to Wear Flower Lapel Pins

Not too long ago, any respectable man caught wearing a flower lapel pin was thought to be a bit “soft,” and now they are so ubiquitous that even Bishop TD Jakes and other top personalities can be seen rocking them. However, one of the top questions I often receive is “what is the proper way to wear a flower lapel pin?” I truly wish that I can say “whatever floats your boat,” but there is a bit a sartorial protocol that one should consider.

First of all, the flower should be placed through the boutonnière hole that can be found on the LEFT lapel of most modern jackets. It simply looks “tacky” not using the holes for the reason they were intended, and it looks even tackier wearing the pin on the right lapel with an empty boutonnière hole visible on the left lapel. Secondly, it’s become common practice to allow the stem of the pin to show on the front lapel, but a classier look can be achieved simply by hiding the stem behind the lapel.

The second most asked question I receive is “can you wear a flower lapel pin and a pocket square,” and my answer to this is usually an emphatic, “whatever floats your boat!”

Finally, I would avoid wearing flower lapel pins to interviews and other formal events. In fact, if you are rocking a tux simply opt for a real in season flower.

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