Get Married in a Dinner Jacket!!!

Get Married in a Dinner Jacket!!!

When it comes to getting married, most grooms simply rent a tux and encourage all of their groomsmen to do the same, in order to participate in the ceremony. However, I’ve long been a proponent that grown men should own grown men clothes, so the first sin in this scenario is committed when grown men don’t own a tailored tuxedo!

That said, if you have already taken my advice from previous posts, and copped a tux; good for you! However, even if you own a tux, your “special” wedding day should indeed be special, so let’s leave your tuxedo jacket hanging in the closet, and opt for a dinner jacket!

Technically, the standard black tuxedo jacket should only be worn after 6pm, so if you are planning an early ceremony not only will you be sartorially sound, but you’ll be mad fly as well. But what about the groomsmen, you ask? Bump, ’em! Those dudes can just wear standard black tuxedos while you shine like new money!

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