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How to Wear Flower Lapel Pins

19 Jul By
Not too long ago, any respectable man caught wearing a flower lapel pin was thought to be a bit “soft,” and now they are so ubiquitous that even Bishop TD Jakes and other top personalities can be seen rocking them. However, one of the top questions I often receive is “what is the proper way […]
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Thank You Lord for Enlarging Our Territory!

08 Jul By
Just days after posting the ” You Have Not, Because You Ask Not” blog, we were contacted to do a men’s style article in Dela Jouere Fashion Magazine’s forthcoming July edition. I don’t believe this was simply a coincidence, but rather yet another manifestation of the five things I pray each night before my head […]
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“You Have Not, Because You Ask Not!”

03 Jul By
On my way home from airing yet another live TV broadcast on ABC News Channel 8’s “Let’s Talk Live!”, it hit me that the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) area didn’t have a recognized “go to” person on men’s fashion/style issues. Therefore, today I declare and decree that I am OFFICIALLY filling that position! Therefore, […]
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