Thank You Lord for Enlarging Our Territory!

Thank You Lord for Enlarging Our Territory!

Just days after posting the ” You Have Not, Because You Ask Not” blog, we were contacted to do a men’s style article in Dela Jouere Fashion Magazine’s forthcoming July edition. I don’t believe this was simply a coincidence, but rather yet another manifestation of the five things I pray each night before my head hits the pillow:

  1. Wisdom
  2. Enlarge my territory
  3. Bless me, indeed
  4. Lord keep Your Hand on me
  5. Keep me from evil, so that I may not cause pain

I’ve been praying these five things each night over the past five years, and I can give countless examples of how they have manifested time after time again. However, I believe these things have come to pass not because of dogmatic repetition, but because I have reprogrammed my subconscious mind to accomplish and seek these things while I sleep so that they will manifest while I’m awake.

So the bottom line is, how are you programming your subconscious mind, and what is manifesting throughout your day?


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